Lane Braden

Lane brings entertainment to a whole new level during his shows.  With a wide vocal range and control that are out of this world you will be left breathless at the end of each song.  The audience is always a part of the show and dancing is a must when the music starts.

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Solo Performances

An incredible solo performance of todays top rock, pop, country and dance tunes while bringing back some of the favorite rich melodies of songs of the past.  Every song is something you can and will want to sing and dance to!  Never miss a night with Lane Braden because each one is unforgettable!

DJ & Hybrid DJ Performances

Perfect for private parties, weddings, birthdays or any other celebration or event that requires night intensity performance!  Lane brings a mix of guitar/vocal performance with live DJ mixing as well.  Bringing the club feel right to you celebration.  Full production of sound, lights video and all party extras can be added to the experience when booking Lane!

Master of Ceremonies / Events Host

Looking for someone to do a voice over or host/MC your event?  Lane has been the feature MC for multiple events and announced multiple functions on stages all across the country.  Bring that extra flare to your event today and have Lane handle all your MC professional Voice Over requests.

Acoustic Duo’s and Trios

Be on the lookout for special events where Lane Braden will perform with other performers in the area.  Acoustic Trios special guest musicians and instrumentalists are not out of the norm.  Keep an eye out for special events in the future!


The Lane braden band – Pop, rock, dance, funk, country & more

Lane Braden travels with his band performing in venues all across the area.  Brining you music that you love from yesterday and today.  This project was created for Party Performance.  Once the show starts the music will not stop!  Try and keep up with all the incredible Guitar Solos, Drum Beats and Bass Rhythms that will keep you moving on the dance floor!  Toast you night away with Lane and the band as they bring you songs you know and love in a way you’ve never heard them before!

Lane Braden & Tailgate Shakedown – Country that rocks

Lane Braden fronts the modern country band, Tailgate Shakedown as lead vocals and guitar.  This action party packed modern country tribute band will bring you out on the dance floor. Your boots will be stopin and you hands waving as you listen and sing along to some of the most popular country music of today.  Featured in venues such as Lulus Bait Shack, Sunset Grill, Hard Rock Cafe, Tin Roof, and Johnnie Browns, this 4 piece  band brings a non stop show to each and every stage they are on.  Lane Braden has an unforgettable energy with non-stop vocal and guitar performance that will leave you always wanting more.  Don’t miss the next show!